The intelligent way of lighting.

LED Lamps

The energy saving lamp of the future

We have discussed earlier the advantage and disadvantage of regular light bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs. Technology has brought us that far that with the invention of an LED lamp we have the option to us a light bulb that is energy saving as well as has just very few disadvantages. LEDs come in multiple colors, not only in bright white. They are produced without the need of a filter. LEDs have multiple advantages for example they show high efficiency and do not use that much of energy. There are some available which offer over 100 lumes from a one whatt device. They come in small sizes which provides a variety of design options (for example they are arranged in rows, rings, clusters or individual points). Donīt we all like to have an option on how our light looks like after we turn it on?

LEDs also have a high durability and a life span of 50,000-60,000 hours. This is more than 100 % comparing it to the life span of a regular light bulb. LEDs can be dimmed which allows color mixing if one uses LEDs of different colors. LEDs are also mercury free, compared to fluorescent lamps. We all know how dangerous light mercury can be, but LEDs contain no hazard such as mercury or halogen gases.

To summarize the above information we can state that all oft he above facts certainly support the statement that if you want to save energy and have a great quality of light technology, you should really be using LEDs. They are the energy saving lamp of the future. We can not get more advanced in technology. An invention that should have occured many years ago.