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Solar Cells

Gaining energy with solar cells

There are many ways today how we humans can gain enegry through natural resources such as wind, water and the sun. One common method the the gain of energy by solar cells. What is a solar cell or often called photovoltaic cell? It is a device that converts or changes light into electricity by the mean oft he photovoltaic effect. The solar cell captures energy from sunlight and converts it for our use into energy. When you assemble a lot of solar cells, you can make solar panels, solar modules and even photovoltaic arrays. In photovoltaics researchers are looking into the application of solar cells producing electricity fro our evry day or practical use. And the energy that is created in this way is called solar power o rat times solar energy.

The term `photovoltaics was used already by the Greecs and it means light and voltaic means electric. Recognized was the process first by a French man A. Becquerel in the late 1900. The first solar cell was built in1883 and the cell was made out of a thin golden layer forming a junction with a semiconductor selenium. If we look a tour current time solar cells can generate more electricity and is measured in watt. All the industries are trying to implement the most cost efficient technology to save energy and also to protect our environment on the planet. Saving energy also means saving money. So short the use of solar cells and the photovoltaic efficiency has become a great deal both from the academic and economic point of view in industries.

Solar cells often can be combined into a module. PV modules are made out of a sheet of glass on the front side and allow light to pass through. The power output is measured in watts or kilowatts. Typically energy is measured in watt-hours, kilowatt-hours or kilowatt-hours per day. To really make use of a solar cell or solar generated energy often inverters are used. They are used in stand-alone systems such as batteries where enegry is stored that is not immediately used. Solar cells can be used in many different ways to make it self-power sustainable in the sun. There are for example solar cell phone chargers, solar alarm clocks, solar lanterns, solar bike lights. May be in the near future there will be a solar car out on the market...who knows. As a fact people have used solar cell energy at least a couple of times in their lives, aware or unaware of it.