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More Energy Saving Advices

Today energy has become an expensive resource. Too wasteful we handled it in the last few decades. Now each one of us should start thinking about using energy in a responsible way and contribute in saving energy.
Thats good for the environment and saves money, too.

Here are some suggestions how you can save electricity, without large sacrifices to them.

Save Power

  • Use, where appropriate, multiple socket outlets with on-off switches or even master-slave versions. This makes it possible to switch off monitor, speakers, printers, scanners, etc. automatically with the computer.
  • Pay attention on the energy consumption when buying new electrical appliances. LCD / Plasma televisions, for example, have large differences in consumption within the same category and size between different manufacturers.
  • Always re-close the refrigerator and freezer quickly.
  • Do not set air conditioners to siberian temperatures. It is also much healthier than very cold rooms in summer.
  • Energy meters are now available at reasonable prices starting at 10$. Take advantage of them to find power wasting devices in your household.

Save Energy

  • Aire briefly but intensely. A renewed ventilation shock and leaves the room while the walls of the ground does not cool down excessively, because it costs as opposed to air a lot of energy to warm up to them again. Airing on tilted window in the winter has to be avoided.
  • Set the thermostat is not too high. Every 1 lower temperature the heater must hold, results in a quite-large energy saving effect.