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Photometric Calculator

This Photometry Applet can help you better understanding the dependencies between the different photometric physical quantities
  • Luminous Flux in Lumen [lm]
  • Illumination in Lux [lx]
  • Luminous Intensity in Candela [cd]
and visualizes their individual impact.

Note: For editing a value use the sliders or type in a new value and confirm with enter.
All directly dependent values are updated then and the visualisation updated.

Due to the current Java security policy, applets are no more allowed to run automatically in the browser.
To continue using this photometry tool, you can download it as a small executable jar (23kb) and run it locally.

Download Photometry Calculator JAR

photometry applet
Photometry Calculator Applet needs an installed Java JRE.
  • The luminous flux is visualized over the number of rays.
  • So the luminous intensity is the "density" of the rays.
  • The Illumination is visualized over the light color (yellow is a weaker illumination, white stronger).
  • The calculated area is the area of the imaginary sphere equidistant to the light source, with a constant illumination on itīs surface.
Feedback and helpful suggestions on this Photometric Calculator are always welcome!

Here you find the german version of this photometry applet.